Who We Are

William Scott Arnold has worked as a coach, director, actor, and teacher in Los Angeles for the last twenty years. 

William Scott Arnold has worked as a coach, director, actor, and teacher in Los Angeles for the last twenty years.  Since 2008, William has been one of only three coaches qualified to work for the prestigious acting school, Carter Thor Studio, based out of Studio City, California.

After receiving his Theater degree from Cal State University Long Beach, William completed a strenuous two year training program, "Principle, Practice, and Paradigm" created and run by Alice Carter, co-founder and partner at Carter Thor Studio:

"These, Three P's that drive our study - they're simple - a simple process for very complex people: This set of Six Principles that define the role an actor plays in our society. Principles are more meaningful than values; principles are timeless, principles are inviolate. Practice comes next, but the way a doctor has a practice; a noun, not a verb. To live the actors life is to live a life of practice based on principles, the actor who lives that way - everyday - will raise their head from the work one day ... and find themselves surrounded by people they respect.”

For the last decade, William has worked with actors by utilizing his philosophy & personal experience in a manner that evokes the actors mind.  

With a great deal of one-on-one coaching experience, William has worked successfully with actors in audition preparation, class room settings, and on-set.

Acting is a highly personal process.  The ultimate goal as the acting coach is to develop/empower/mature the artist so they will no longer depend on the coach….and with the emerging film & television productions throughout the South, there is no better time for William to bring his expertise to Nashville’s next generation of actors.


Laura Holloway is an actor, producer, and teacher. She attended the Atlantic Acting School's two year Professional Conservatory Program in New York City and after that, the post-graduate level Atlantic Conservatory in Los Angeles. She also studied at HB Studio under Austin Pendleton, with Yale Drama teacher Gregory Berger-Sobeck in Los Angeles, Scott Zigler (the Artistic Director of ART at Harvard) as well as with David Mamet, Felicity Huffman, and Clark Gregg, to name a few. Laura utilizes several techniques in her own work including Practical Aesthetics, Meisner, and Hagen. She has worked in film, television, and on stages in both NY, LA & Nashville and is a company member at the IAMA Theatre Company in Los Angeles.

When Laura moved from Los Angeles to Nashville in 2015 with her husband and daughter, she hoped to find here (and be a part of) a place where actors could go to achieve their highest potential. For her, the business of acting is not necessarily the fun part- it's the creating, growing, learning, and the community of like-minded people striving to become better actors than they were yesterday. It's the work that keeps us going. She is so grateful to have found exactly that here at The 4th Wall!

Laura is a proud member of SAG-AFTRA.


Sally Harvey Anderson began her improvisation career at age 12 when she quit the violin to join drama club. Though her time in drama club proved to be a raging success, it was years later at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre, Los Angeles and The Groundlings Theatre when she got her official training. While in Los Angeles, Sally performed in theatres around Hollywood with five-person improv troupe “The Yachterz,” studied under improv legend Sean Conroy, acted in several films and graduated from CSU, Long Beach. In 2013, Sally returned home to Huntsville, AL where she kept her comedy chops sharp by performing with sketch troupe “Can’t Afford Cable,” as well doing some stand-up, acting in a handful of plays and studying acting at Hollywood Huntsville. Sally moved to Nashville in 2015 when she began graduate school at Belmont University for a Master of Arts English Literature with a track in Creative Writing. During grad school, she managed to publish her first book of poetry, Nine Lives of Catfire.