Improv @ The Wall

Improv @ the Wall is Nashville’s professional long-form improvisation school operating out of The 4th Wall Acting Studio. Our objective is to shape students into highly-skilled improvisers, as well as provide them with performance opportunities. No experience is necessary to begin the program. All classes are 8 weeks long, meet once per week, and end with a graduation showcase for friends and family to attend.

Improv @ the Wall offers four core classes: 

Improv 101: Intro to Improvisation

An eight-week class meeting once per week that covers the basic rules of comedy and long-form improvisation. In class, students will engage in activities and exercises that solidify the rules of improvisation, as well as learn how to take a one-word suggestion from the audience and turn it into an approximately 30-minute show. The eighth class-meeting is a graduation performance, and is open for friends and family members to attend.

Improv 201: The Game

Students who have completed and passed Improv 101 will be eligible to join Improv 201. This class digs deeper into the basics learned in Improv 101, specifically focusing on concepts like finding and playing what is known as “the game” of a long-form improv scene. 

Improv 301: The Harold

Once students have completed and passed Improv 101 and 201, they will be ready to move on to Improv 301. This class focuses on perfecting the most well-known long-form structure, The Harold.

Improv 401: Long-form Structure and Character

After 101, 201 and 301 are completed, students are invited to join Improv 401. This class explores a variety of long-form structures, inviting students to choose or create their own personalized long-form structure for their graduation showcase. 

Improv @ the Wall House Team

Auditions will be held for the Improv @ the Wall House Team in fall 2017. Stay tuned for audition dates and times.

Class size is limited! For anyone interested in Improv @ The Wall please send us an email through our Contact page with Improv in the subject line.


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